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We are professional teachers, holding PhD, Masters and Bachelor degrees in music. 

Since 1992, we have acquired concert and teaching experience in Canada and Europe.

All our teachers have very warm and welcoming personalities.

Each of us has an individual teaching style and we create a unique approach to each student.

CA Academy of MUSIC  has different programs depending on the abilities and needs of each individual student. 

We teach students of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

We offer music lessons for fun, preparation for RCM exams (All levels), concerts and competitions.


CA Academy of MUSIC students are

successful in RCM Exams, Musical Festivals and Competitions! 

CA MUSIC students receive Excellent  RCM Examination Results! 

CA students have won countless awards at Musical Festivals and Competitions!


CA Academy of MUSIC students are successful in their auditions and continue their musical studies

in High school Arts Programs and even further at U of T and Humber College

Some even go on to play in the

Mississauga Symphony Youth Orchestra


teach music in GTA Music Schools.


CA Academy of MUSIC is one of a few music schools in Toronto and Mississauga with their 

own Recital Hall.

Two brand new Yamaha C3 Grand Pianos offers a large variety of opportunities to perform

from solo and duet recitals to live performance of Concertos for Piano.


For CA Students, our Academy provides Recitals FREE of charge! 

CA students have an opportunity to participate in recitals during the school year!

Students can hear their teachers perform at each recital throughout the year.


CA Academy of MUSIC provides Recitals FREE of charge! 


You do not have to be a student of CA Academy of MUSIC

to sing up for our Recitals!

Please call and ask for the details! 

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Meet Our Owner

Andrei Panasevich
Concert performer, Piano, Brass, Music Theory teacher.

Andrei Panasevich raised in a family of a military musician. At the age of four he was accepted into a music school for musically gifted children, where he began taking piano lessons. Andrei started learning to play the trombone when he was 13 years old. By the age of 14, Andrei was playing the trombone in a brass band and played the piano in a big-band orchestra. At the age of 16, Andrei was accepted into a Music College in Brest, Belarus. He successfully graduated in 1990 as a piano teacher, trombone teacher and as a concert performer. During his time in college Andrei put together a jazz band with his fellow students and led the band for four years. After graduating college, Andrei quickly rose to become the lead trombone in the presidential orchestra of Belarus in the capital city Minsk. At the same time Andrei was regularly performing as part of a stage band in an Opera House in the same city. In the year 1992, Andrei performed in a symphony orchestra as lead trombone and head of the brass section in the orchestra, in a Theatre of Music and Drama in Brest. At the same time in 1994, he was accepted into the University of Minsk for symphony conducting on a long distance study basis and successfully graduated in 1999.

In 2002, Andrei immigrated to Canada and played in several jazz bands such as “Orfei” and “Big City Big-Band”. In 2005, he started working in the Bronte College of Canada, located in Mississauga as the music teacher as well as head of the school jazz band. Andrei is continuing his music career as a concert performer as well as a teacher of piano, brass instruments, music theory and history. He works well with children and adults alike, and his students achieve great success in their studies; completing their RCM examinations and performing in concerts.

Language: English, Russian, Belarus.

 2019- 2020 School Year Recitals

October 26, 27 -  Open Recitals

December 15, 22 - Christmas Recitals 

February 23 - Chartwell Regency Retirement Residence

March 8 - Spring Festival  

May  5 -  Mothers Day Recital 

June 30 - Year End Online Recital

 2018- 2019 School Year Recitals

October 21 -  Open Recital

December 9 - Christmas Recitals 

December 15 - NetSoft College Grad Annual Event

March 7 - Chartwell Retirement Residence Recital

May  5 -  Mothers Day Recital 

June 23 - The Year-End Recitals

The Address: 

3045 Southcreek Rd, Unit 17,


Mississauga, ON, L4X 1M3

905-499-0094       647-823-9993

Opening Hours

Tuesday - Friday    4:00 p.m. -  9:00 p.m.

Saturday                  9:00 a.m. -  5:00 p.m.

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All teachers are qualified to prepare students for all levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations.

CA School of MUSIC in Mississauga offers professional Music Lessons for all ages in Mississauga and Etobicoke.

We offer: Piano lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Trombone  lessons, Trumpet lessons, 

Pan-Flute lessons, Ear Training & Theory of Music Lessons, Keyboard lessons in Mississauga and Etobicoke.

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