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Our Academy of MUSIC in Mississauga pleased to offer Theory Lessons in Mississauga and Etobicoke. Our teachers are professional teachers with Bachelor and Masters degrees in music. Theory lessons with CA Academy of  Music curriculum is designed to cover all of the theory requirements of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Arpeggios, modulation, transposition, modes of the mixolydian, lydian and locrian variety… Underneath the art of music lies a science called musical theory. In order to become a well-rounded and properly educated musician (or to properly educate other budding musicians) one must study musical theory. As a musician, studying musical theory can improve your improvisational and compositional technique, as well as your sense of rhythm, harmony, tone, and mood.


Though we incorporate the study of musical theory into all of our music lessons, CA School of Music in Mississauga also offer a stand alone theory classes right here in Mississauga. This course is designed to prepare and fast track students for RCM examinations and it is taught by professional, university educated music teachers. CA School of Music will cater our theory lessons to your needs! Beginners will receive a “from the ground up” approach that will give them an understanding of the basics before moving on to more difficult concepts. Those students who have studied theory before will be evaluated so as to enable their instructor to fill any gaps in students’ knowledge before moving forward.

RCM Theory Lessons

CA Academy of MUSIC in Mississauga has many years of experience in preparing young students for their RCM Theory Examinations.


CA Academy of  MUSIC theory lessons curriculum 

is designed to cover all of the theory requirements of 

the  RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music).

CA Academy MUSIC theory lessons incorporate

a concise, step by step approach to learning music theory. Many students obtain very high RCM Examinations test results at our music school.

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All teachers are qualified to prepare students for all levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations.

CA School of MUSIC in Mississauga offers professional Music Lessons for all ages in Mississauga and Etobicoke.

We offer: Piano lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Trombone  lessons, Trumpet lessons, 

Pan-Flute lessons, Ear Training & Theory of Music Lessons, Keyboard lessons in Mississauga and Etobicoke.

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