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Learning An Instrument Can Give Your Brain A Boost

Learning a musical instrument is not only fun, relaxing, and aesthetically saisfying – it can also provide a boost to your (or your child’s) brain! Studies performed in the field of neuroscience on the effects of musical training on the brain demonstrate that learning a musical instrument can greatly improve one’s mental ability. Musicians’ brains tend to be larger and more well connected than their non-musician counterparts. These structural differences give the musician an edge when it comes to “verbal memory, spatial reasoning, and literacy skills”. 
Musical training for children in particular can lead to long term cognitive gains. One study by White-Schwoch et al. showed that older adults who took part in as little as three years of musical training as children were able to process speech better than adults who never had any formal musical training. 
Another study conducted by the German Institute For EconomicResearch shows that children who have musical 
training “have better cognitive skills and school grades and are more conscientious, open and ambitious.” While musical training can provide a big boost to the adult and child’s brain, it takes more than just listening to music to achieve that effect! The so-called “Mozart effect” - the theory that merely listening to classical music can make you smarter – has been debunked. The brain boosting effects of music can only be had through the challenging but pleasant process that is learning an instrument.
Costandi, Mo. "Want to 'train Your Brain'? Forget Apps, Learn a Musical Instrument." The Guardian. 
Guardian News and Media, 24 Oct. 2016. Web.
 Hille, Adrian, and Jjrgen Schupp. "How Learning a Musical Instrument Affects the Development of 
Skills." SSRN Electronic Journal (2013): n. pag. Web. 
Locker, Melissa. "Music Can Alter Your Child's Brain." Time. Time, 16 Dec. 2014. Web.

Svetlana is the best piano teacher I have had over the years since starting piano lessons. She is very patient, versatile, adjusting her teaching style to the learning curve of each student, motivating you to reach your full potential. When it is time to add life to a musical piece, Svetlana paints a vivid picture, giving you the opportunity to better understand the music, play it and enjoy it. I enjoy the piano classes because they are balanced in terms of theory content, scales and playing techniques.  I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!
Ana Dolghiu, piano student.


Andrei is an amazing piano teacher! My son has been receiving private lessons from him for nearly 2 years now and I must say that considering the breaks we've taken and sometimes my son's lack of effort he can apply to piano, he has progressed quite well and thoroughly enjoys it. Andrei is very patient and firm when necessary and we would highly recommend him or his lovely wife to provide lessons to both children and adults alike! Thanks so much Andrei! We look forward to what the future will bring!


Damion Murray

Father of Marcus, piano student.


Svetlana has been teaching both my kids how to play piano for two years. I am very happy to have found such a knowledgeable and passionate piano teacher!!! Her teaching style is a perfect combination of being strict but kind, insistent but gentle, serious but light. Her Individually tailored interactions with kids are amazing. Both she and her husband always go an extra mile for their students. Every music student deserves a wonderful teacher like her. 


Tatiana Zukakishvili, 

Mom of Elizabeth  and Nico Zukakishvili,

piano students.


I Am 71 years old.  This year, I decided that I want to learn how to play the piano.  I have piano lessons with Svetlana. She has been my teacher since March, and because of her, I have learned a new skill.  Svetlana taught me the basics.  I'm glad that she doesn't teach me in the same way as she teaches her other students because I like learning whole songs instead of only a few repetitive bars.  She works with my skill level and my preferences.  Thanks to Svetlana, I can play "Santa Lucia" and "Clementine".  I am looking forward to learning more good songs with her.


Mrs. Lee, piano student. 


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Great experience. My son has been with CA Academy of music for over 2 years now and the progress has been amazing. His teacher is very professional and well experienced . I highly recommend.

Judy Zhou

Mom of Edward Zhou, piano student.


Dedicated Piano teachers, who takes great interest in helping students master the instrument and level. Very flexible with timing and make up lessons. I strongly recommend any new student to Ms. Svetlana. State of the art studio in a convenient location, opportunity to practice on Grand Piano makes a big difference and motivates students to excel.

Maria Dsouza

Mom of Andrea Dsouza, piano student.

If you are looking for some music exposure for your children then look no further! Teachers at CA Academy of Music will take your musical talents to the next level. The most professional and experienced both musicians and music teachers I ever met! I personally had a great experience with one of the CA Academy of Music teachers since 1998!


Vicka Mangione, student.​

I have had music lessons in Mississauga with several different instructors over the last decade. Most teachers either know their instrument but don’t know how to teach, or know how to teach but are not proficient at the instrument they’re trying to teach, while some know neither! Svetlana is one of those rare instructors who is both a talented player and a talented teacher. She has a superb breadth and depth of knowledge on music whether it be musical theory, technique, or the way to evoke an emotional response in one’s playing. At the same time, she knows how to convey complex ideas, how to tailor her teaching to different learning styles, and when to be patient and when to push her students to get the best out of them. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Svetlana to anyone considering music lessons in Mississauga!


Adam laughton, piano student.


Andrei Panasevich made me love music. I have been playing piano for nine years, but only genuinely enjoyed it for the last five years that I have been taught by Andrei. Oh, it was frustrating at first. He kept challenging me to play pieces ahead of my current RCM level. However, that “push” was just what I needed. When I hit a wrong note, Andrei is able, just by listening, to know where it is and what note it should be. He is always quick to encourage me when I am having trouble. Andrei tells me stories about the music so vivid, that he paints mental pictures of how the songs should make me feel when I play them. Once he told me a two-minute epic tale on why a piece of music should sound like “falling tear drops”. He helps bring my music to life. Andrei began teaching piano almost immediately after immigration to Canada. His students have grown to love him as their teacher, willingly performing at the many recitals he arranges. His day job is teaching music and other classes to international students. He also plays piano and trombone for his church. Andrei is an AMAZING teacher!


Angela Krone,

CA Academy of music piano student.


Svetlana is a great piano teacher! Somehow she was able to find the way to teach my two very different kids according to their each individual personalities. She is very dedicated and resourceful. I highly recommend her for any level of piano.


Emily Smith

Mom of piano students.


My kids, Josiah and Andrew, have been taking piano lessons with Andrei for over a year now, and they have loved being taught by him.  Andrei is a talented musician, but he is also a great teacher.  He encourages students to keep working on their skills even if they think a movement is too difficult.  He also uses different strategies for different age/skill levels, which is something I appreciate.  My sons have not been taking piano lessons for very long, but they have already moved up three levels, which is a testament to Andrei's excellent teaching.


Esther Kim,

Mom of Josiah and Andrew, piano students.


My daughter is already 3 years in CA Academy of Music. Her teacher name is Svetlana. She is an extremely talented musician and pianist with very effective teaching methods. Based on my daughter musical background and experience, she was able to adjust the lessons to the level of instruction that was necessary to meet her goals. She is not only working on technique, but also theory, musicality, effective practicing, and building repertoire. Her teaching method is thorough and instructive, which helps build a solid foundation for kids to develop their interests and skills in playing piano. My daughter recently finished her Royal Conservatory of Music Advanced Theory Exam with 97% First Class Honours with Distinction. I highly recommend Svetlana to any level piano student.


Evicka Mancini

Mom of Josephine Paul, piano student.  


As an adult piano student, I've had several teachers over the years -- but Svetlana has been the best. She is patient, friendly, and ensures that I feel comfortable during the lesson. While she understands that, as a student, I will make mistakes, she also doesn't shy away from identifying areas where I can realistically improve and honing in on them. She uses helpful analogies to help me better comprehend the composer's intent behind a specific song, or sections of a song. During her piano lessons, there is a useful balance between songs, techniques (scales and exercises), and theory. She encourages students to study what they are interested in -- whether it's following the RCM curriculum, classical, religious, or jazz. It's been a rewarding experience.


Yusuf Saadi, piano student.

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