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CA Academy








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CA MUSIC students are

successful in RCM Exams, Musical Festivals and Competitions! 


CA Academy of Music students play and teach in a number of musical schools and study programs, including the Toronto Youth Symphony Orchestra, UFT Music programs, and at various other music schools, events, and church activities.


CA Academy of Music students regularly achieve excellent RCM exam results, and win awards at many different music festivals and competitions.

Let the CA Academy of Music work for your child’s future!


Mississauga Youth Philharmonic

At the CA Academy of Music we believe that music lessons are not simply for instruction, but also for sharing and connecting with friends, relatives, neighbours and communities.

The  CA Academy of Music  provides a platform for all types of students to experience a musical performance. 


CA students have an opportunity to participate in recitals during the school year!

You can sign up for our recitals even if you are not a student of the CA Academy of Music! Contact us to find out all the details! 


A musical program at the CA Academy of Music can help your child to develop or improve their confidence and character, while also exhibiting growth in skills such as:

  • Leadership

  • Teamwork

  • Responsibility

  • Public speaking

  • Logical thinking

  • Academic study


Musical study has been proven to help improve a child’s abilities in many areas, including:

  • Memory

  • Motor skills

  • Coordination

  •  Language

  • Math skills

  • Stress management 

  • Retention of verbal information

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