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The Royal Conservatory of Music is a Canadian institution of global renown which sets curriculum guidelines for music educators, and which administers exams to determine where those who study music fall in terms of their graded level system. The RCM can also accredit students who successfully complete their exams. 


Benefits of successful RCM accreditation include increased chance of employment in the music and music education fields, a sense of personal accomplishment, and its transferability as a credit for secondary students. Secondary students who are in grade 11 can claim successful completion of RCM grade 7 as a credit while secondary students in grade 10 can earn their credit from successful completion of RCM grade 8.


All of our Mississauga music school CA Academy of Music courses are built around ensuring success with their RCM examinations. Our School of Music in Mississauga have an in-depth knowledge of RCM requirements and we tailor our music lessons to these requirements. For this reason, our Mississauga Music School CA Academy of Music place emphasis on sight reading, technique, and musical theory. Even those who are not interested in going through RCM examinations will benefit from our approach because CA Academy of Music lessons are centered on improving all-around musicianship, which is beneficial whether or not one will be taking RCM examinations.

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