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Music Lessons for Adults in Mississauga & Etobicoke

Our School of Music CA Academy of Music in Mississauga has experience with teaching students from many different backgrounds, styles, needs, and goals. Adult students come to us with varying levels of experience – from those who have been playing music since childhood to those who have never played a note! Whether you’re a beginner who requires a “from scratch” approach or a seasoned amateur musician in need of a tune up or somewhere in between, we have the know how and educational background to teach to your level and needs. You will also have the opportunity to practice playing in front of an audience at our recitals.


When you take music lessons with CA Academy of Music, you’ll find that we provide a pleasant and non-judgemental environment that is tailored to your own goals. Taking music lessons as an adult means that you as the participant should have control over your own learning experience. With us you can control the genre/style/era of music that you would like to focus on, the songs or pieces you would like to learn, the specific skills you would like to work on developing, and the pace at which you would like to progress.


Unlike our students who are still in elementary or high school, adult music students often have extremely busy schedules as post secondary students, professionals, workers, business owners, or homemakers. We acknowledge that you may have less time with which to practice than our younger students. For this reason, one of our main goals when teaching adults is to provide you with guidance as to how to make the most out of the practice time that your busy schedule allows. Knowing how to practice efficiently and effectively is extremely important for every learner and we strive to ensure that you are equipped to practice well.

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