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Trombone lessons, Trumpet lessons, Tuba lessons, French Horn lessons

Music Class

CA Academy of MUSIC pleased to offer 

high quality brass lessons

 for any sort of student – 

from advanced students to beginners, and from children to seniors.


CA MUSIC brass students are successful in

RCM exams (All levels), concerts, competitions and auditions

(U of T, Humber College, High Schools, Symphony Youth Orchestra)!

We are designed to adapt to your needs and goals

and tailor our brass classes to your musical interests!

Book a lesson with CA Academy of Music today and see just how versatile brass instruments can be!



Brass lessons 

Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, French Horn.


You may think that brass players are limited to two main genres – classical and jazz. Even if that were true, it would be unfair to call brass players limited. Within classical and jazz, trumpeters and can look forward to playing Hayden’s Trumpet Concerto, or any number of Louis Armstrong’s works. Trombonists can look forward to taking center stage when playing famous pieces like Mozart’s Requiem, and Getting Sentimental Over Your by Bassman and Washington. However, brass players are not limited to playing only classical and jazz. Trumpets and trombones are also used in film music, military bands, latin music, and in popular music.

CA Academy of Music offers professional quality trombone, trumpet, tuba and french horn lessons right here in Mississauga! Our university trained instructors have experience with designing courses for anyone from beginners who wish to start from scratch, to trumpeters and trombonists looking to refine their skills. Beginners will learn proper posture, mouthpiece placement, and fingering. Advanced students will work on widening their tonal and technical capabilities while tackling progressively more complex musical pieces. We believe that knowledge of musical theory is essential for good musicianship and so we place theory at the center of our curricula. 

Book a lesson with CA Academy of Music today and see just how versatile brass instruments can be!

Wedding Band

Trombone Lessons


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Trumpet Lessons


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Tuba Lessons


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French Horn Lessons


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CA Academy of MUSIC Teachers

Our teachers have trained in some of the best musical programs in Europe and North America,

and we can create programs of study for our students that are suitable to each person’s specific learning needs and purposes.

Wedding Band
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A musical program at the CA Academy of Music can help your child to develop or improve their confidence and character!


CA Academy of  MUSIC Programs


We believe that every student is a special individual, deserving of a personalized program of instruction that caters to his or her unique age, abilities, skillset, and goals. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of musical programs for all students. CA MUSIC programs consist of a combination of individual lessons, recital and RCM exam preparations, as well as a lot of fun!


Mississauga Youth Philharmonic

The  CA Academy of Music  provides a platform for all types of students to experience a musical performance. 

CA students have an opportunity to participate in recitals during the school year!  Contact us to find out all the details! 

Trumpet Instructor

For all students, our Academy provides Recitals FREE of charge! 

Parent Communities

Student Life

RCM Program

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