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Music Lessons for Seniors in Mississauga & Etobicoke

With retirement comes the freedom to use one’s time to engage in the sorts of activities that you have always wanted. Music lessons can be a wonderful way to enliven your golden years! Playing music is an extremely fruitful hobby because of its capacity to add so much to many aspects of our lives. While taking music lessons is alone a stimulating and pleasant experience, learning to play music can also lead one to make new friends by joining a musical group or band, take part in the musical education and interests of one’s children and grandchildren and have a new way to remember one’s favorite songs and pieces of music. Making and playing music is an inherently social activity and it can be a fantastic way to develop old relationships and forge new ones.


These days it has been made clear that the brain is a muscle that must be exercised just like our biceps and triceps! The way to exercise our brains is to challenge ourselves mentally with new and exciting activities and pastimes. One popular way to do this is to solve puzzles like sudoku or crosswords. These can be stimulating, but they lack clear tangible results and there is generally no useful skill that one masters in playing these sorts of games. On the other hand, learning an instrument provides the same results gained from other mental exercises while also giving one new and exciting abilities that can have a real positive impact on one’s life. Learning an instrument, or building on the musical skills one already possesses, gives one the sense that they are discovering a completely new side of themselves and their talents. Exercise has never been so enjoyable!

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