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in Mississauga & Etobicoke






You do not have to be a student of CA Academy of MUSIC
to sign up for our Recitals!
Please call and ask for the details! 
905-499-0094     647-209-3555   647-823-9993       


At the CA Academy of Music we believe that music lessons are not simply for instruction, but also for sharing and connecting with friends, relatives, neighbours and communities!

The CA Academy of Music provides a platform for all types of students

to experience a musical performance!


CA Academy of MUSIC is one of a few music schools in Toronto and Mississauga with their 

own Recital Hall.

At the CA Academy of MUSIC we believe that through participation in recitals, parents are presented with wonderful opportunities to observe and gauge their child’s musical progression.

In our experience, this type of participation in recitals is also an excellent method for

inspiring students to improve their musical interest and practice skills.

Two brand new Yamaha C3 Grand Pianos offers a large variety of opportunities to perform from solo and duet recitals to live performance of Concertos for Piano.​​


For СA Academy of MUSIC students we provide recitals during the school free of charge!

CA students do not pay any fees! 


You can sign up for our recitals even if you are not a student of the CA Academy of Music!

Contact us to find out all the details! 

Participation in recitals will provide your child with a number of benefits, including:

  • Building strong leadership character

  • Becoming more self-confident

  • Having better emotional recognition

  • Improving focus

  • Developing strong teamwork skills​


2022- 2023 School Year Recitals:

Open Recitals: Oct 16 

Christmas Recitals: DEC 10,

Spring Festival: MAR 4, 5

The Year-End Recitals: JUN 24, 25


"It's Hollywood!" Recital
OCT 16, 2022

IMG-20221016-WA0009 (1) copy.jpg


School Recitals


 CA MUSIC is pleased to offer

Live Stream Recitals for the 2020-21 school year!

December 12, 13 - Christmas Recitals 

March 6 - Spring Festival  

May 8 -  Mother's Day Recitals

June 26, 27 - Year End Recitals

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