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Vocal lessons

in Mississauga & Etobicoke





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CA Academy of MUSIC pleased to offer 
professional vocal lessons
 for any sort of student
from advanced students to beginners, and from children to seniors.

CA Academy of MUSIC teachers are
professional teachers, holding masters and bachelor degrees in music.
Since 1992, we have acquired concert and teaching experience in Canada and Europe.

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Singing may be the most direct form of musical expression. Whereas virtually every musical instrument is capable of expressing a wide range of emotion when played properly, the human voice is likely the best when it comes to conveying emotion to an audience in a way that is immediately graspable.

CA Academy of Music offer vocal lessons in Mississauga that are designed to teach you to become an compelling and expressive vocalist while also teaching you proper technique.


We believe that the best singers are those who are not only great vocalists but also great musicians. For that reason, we place a great deal of importance on musical theory and technique. 


CA Academy of Music in Mississauga pleased to offer 
Professional Vocal lessons
in Mississauga and Etobicoke


You will learn


  • How to sing on pitch

  • How to keep your voice healthy

  • How to sing in multiple styles

  • How to sight read (learn songs by reading sheet music)

  • How to perform techniques like runs, growls, swells, and vibrato

  • How to sing in harmony with other singers

  • Musical theory

...and much more!


We accept students of every skill level from beginner to advanced. Sign up today to learn more about the instrument that lies within all of us!

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